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Administrative Building of Chulalongkorn Hospital

Airports of Thailand Rescue and Fire Fighting Department

Armed Forces Development Command

Army (land forces)

Army Medical Department

Army Ordnance

art of flower arrangement

Ayutthaya World Heritage elephant ride


Bangkhen Water Treatment Plant

basket weaving


batik (canting)

betel nut salesmen

boiling of silk cocoons

Buddhavijjalaya College

Burapha University

Bureau of the Royal Household (Dusit)

Bureau of the Royal Household (Grand Palace)


carving of buffalo skin

carving of Family Balls

casting Buddha images (1)

casting Buddha images (2)

casting of phansa candles

cast net fishing

charcoal making

Château de Loei

cheroot filters

cheroot leaves (dried)

cheroot production

Chinese palm-leaf fans (trimmed)

Chinese palm-leaf fans (woven)

Chinese seal carving

chok technique

Chulalongkorn Buddhist University (1)

Chulalongkorn Buddhist University (2)

Chulalongkorn Centre for Arts and Culture

Chulalongkorn's Faculty of Political Science

Chulalongkorn University


coconut grating

coconut pealing (1)

coconut pealing (2)

coconut picking

collecting dok ngiw (Cotton Tree flowers)

Communications Authority of Thailand

Consumer Protection Board Complaint Centre

coop fishing


coyote boys

cycle sport


Damnoen Saduak's parking tout

Department of Corrections

Department of Lands

Department of Lands (title deed)

Department of Land Transport

Department of Science Service

distilling rice whiskey


drying lady finger nail bananas

dyeing of seua mo hom


education (students)

elephant ride

Embassy of Portugal


Film and Video Consulting Agency

Fine Arts Department

Fire and Rescue Department


floating garden agriculture

fruit and vegetable carving


General Post Office

General Post Office (anno 2013)

gilded lacquer making

gold beater (gold leaf production)

gold beater (gold plate production)

gold leaf production (deer hide wrap)

gold leaf production (stages)

Government Complex

Government Savings Bank head office

Great Cormorant fishing



harvesting toddy

hemp fibre products

hin yam (flower picking)


Iban blowpipe skills

ice-making factory (1)

ice-making factory (2)

ice-making factory (3)

ice vendor

indigo dyeing

inlay of marble

inlay of mother-of-pearl


jian zhi


kaan loh (casting)

kaan roy puang malai (garland making)

kalaga production

Kathmandu wood carving

King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital

King's Own Guard

kite making

kong dab phleung (fire brigade - 1)

kong dab phleung (fire brigade - 2)

kong dab phleung (fire brigade - 3)

kong dab phleung (fire brigade - 4)

kong thap (army)

kradook ngu

krathong sai components

Krihtha Krung Thep Sports Club


lacquerware production

leg-rowing (1)

leg-rowing (2)

looming silk

lost wax

lottery hawkers

lotus thread production (1)

lotus thread production (2)


mail delivery by motorbike


making alms bowls (1)

making alms bowls (2)

making cord fiber animals

making kaeb moo

making khao kriyab waw rice crisps

making krathong

making mon khwahn (mon ing)

making of benjarong (1)

making of benjarong (2)

making of Burmese sand paintings

making of Chinese nougat

making of incense sticks (1)

making of incense sticks (2)

making of kaen

making of mandalas

making of ngop nahm chiao

making of onion candy

making of puffed rice

making of shadow puppets

making of Star Flower garlands

making of Thai sponge cake

making of yin si tang sweets

making phansa candles

making phaen kra-yo rice wrappers

making seua mo hom dye

making talaew

making tang meh

making tapioca balls

making thanaka

making tiab

making xun

mang ming

Marine Police

Metropolitan Electricity Authority

Metropolitan Waterworks Authority

military cadet

Ministry of Education


nak muay boraan

National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission

National Institute of Development Administration

Naval Dockyard

Navy Automobile Division

net fishing (1)

net fishing (2)


Office of the Auditor General


Parliament House of Thailand

Pathein umbrella production


pearl farming

peeling cashewnuts

People's Armed Police


phra kruh (novices)

phra kruh (lay students)

Phra Phutta Monthon Buddhist Halls


ploughing by camel

pottery making


production of khon masks

Provincial Electricity Authority (1)

Provincial Electricity Authority (2)

Pushkar Hospital


Queen Sirikit Centre for Cancer

Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre

Queen's Housing Resort


Rajamangala National Stadium

refining palm sugar


religious tattoo artist

renovating Buddhist art

reuan jam (1)

reuan jam (2)

Revenue Department

rice milling

rice threshing (1)

rice threshing (2)

roof thatching using forest leaves

Royal Bangkok Sports Club

Royal Guard

Royal Mint of Thailand

Royal Police Cadet Academy

Royal Society

Royal Society (aerial view)

Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters

Royal Thai Army Headquarters

Royal Thai Cavalry

Royal Thai Naval Academy (former location)

Royal Thai Navy Club

Royal Thai Navy Headquarters

Royal Thai Police

Royal Thai Police (hat)

Royal Thai Police (helmet)

Royal Thai Survey Department

Royal Thai Survey Department (aerial view)

Ruamkatanyu Foundation

rubber production (1)

rubber production (2)

rubber production (3)

rubber production (4)

rubber production (5)

rubber tapping


Sanku Meditation Institution

2nd Cavalry Division King's Guard

seething salt

selling lotus calyxes

Shanghai Tower during construction


Shaolin novices

Shaolin warrior monks

silk cocoon selection

Sirikit Medical Center

Siriraj Hospital

Sitagu Buddhist Academy (Mandalay)

Sitagu Buddhist Academy (Sagaing - 1)

Sitagu Buddhist Academy (Sagaing - 2)

slash and burn technique

slurry ice

sorting cashew nuts

sorting jiringa beans

sorting mandarins

Sports Authority of Thailand

steaming strips of wood

stone carving

sun-dried fish production

sun-drying pla salid fish

sun-drying rice wrappers


teak carving


textile worker

Thai Airways

Thai Airways International (Boeing 747)

Thai Airways jet

Thailand Post (1)

Thailand Post (2)

Thailand Post (3)

Thailand Post Head Office

Thailand Tobacco Monopoly

Thailex Office

Thai Military Police

Thai Red Cross anti-TBC Laboratory

Thai Red Cross Society

Thai Red Cross Society's National Blood Centre

Thai Red Cross Youth

Thammasat Association

thanaka wood vendor

The Philatelists Association of Thailand

The Stock Exchange of Thailand

tong teung leaf bags

Tourist Police

traditional massage

transplanting paddy sprouts (1)

transplanting paddy sprouts (2)

transplanting paddy sprouts (3)

transplanting paddy sprouts (4)

transplanting paddy sprouts (5)


UNESCO Building Phnom Penh


Vajiravudh College

Vietnamese hand embroidering

volunteer ambulance service (1)

volunteer ambulance service (2)


water hyacinth furniture

weaving pah mai saket


wood carving


xiang qi (Chinese chess - 1)

xiang qi (Chinese chess - 2)


Yangon Central Post Office

Yummy Post