Royal Thai Navy Headquarters



The Royal Thai Navy HQ in Thonburi. On the left is a portrait of King Rama V, the founder of the Thai Navy, portrayed as Commander-in-Chief (fig.), wearing the uniform of Admiral (fig.) and in front of the thong chang, i.e. a former Siamese national flag used between 1855 and 1917, which consists of a White Elephant on a red field (fig.).


In the front is a statue of Aphakon Kiatiwong, a son of King Chulachomklao, with the title Prince of Chumphon, and revered as the Father of the Royal Thai Navy (fig.), for further developing and modernized it. In the back is a ships mast with a hoisted Royal Thai Navy flag (fig.) and the Admiral's flag, which is navy blue with five white chakra (fig.).


  Royal Thai Navy Headquarters


  Royal Thai Navy Headquarters


The area of the entrance gates is decorated with anchors, and the wooden doors have the Royal Thai Navy's emblem (fig.) in silver on the doors on the left and in gold on the doors on the right (fig.), akin to the ton mai ngeun ton mai thong (fig.) used to demonstrate loyalty (fig.).

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