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U Khanti (ဦးခန္တီ)

Burmese. Name of a hermit, i.e. tapathi (fig.), whose name is also transliterated U Khandi. He was born in 1868 AD as Po Maung in Ywathaya, a village in Myanmar. He became a hermit (fig.) in 1900 and his goodwill organization built and renovated several pagodas and religious buildings at hilltops, including at Kyaihtiyo (fig.). In the late 19th to early 20th century AD, he maintained Mandalay Hill (fig.), where some relics of the Buddha are kept and which has the Buddhist temple Sutaungpyay Phaya (fig.) on its summit, and for 40 years organized religious activities. As such, he is also associated with Kusinara Ingyin Tawya Phaya (fig.), a semi-gu style cave temple at the foot of Mandalay Hill, where after his dead on 14 January 1949 at the age of 80, and the consequent funeral 2 years later, his coffin and the reuan prasat funeral cart used prior to his cremation, was placed.