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Kuperan (กุเปรัน)

Thai-Tamil. Name of a yak, i.e. a demon character, in the Ramakien. He has a purple complexion, tah phlohng, i.e. ‘wide open eyes’, and wears a chadah-like, cockerel tail crown, that seen from the side, is wavy and arches somewhat backward. Through his mother's side, he is the older brother of Totsakan (fig.), who defeated him and usurped his throne. In Sanskrit, he is known as Kubera and in Pali as Kuvera, which in Thai is referred to as Thao Kuwen. He is thus also associated with Thao Wetsuwan, the lokaban or guardian of the North, who in turn is known as Phra Paisarop, and in Sanskrit is referred to as Vaisravana. His vehicle is a human.