Wat Rong Seua Ten (entrance gate)



The entrance to Wat Rong Seua Ten in Chiang Rai, commonly referred to as the Blue Temple, is guarded by giant creatures half-human half-naga, with snake-like tails.


These creatures are reminiscent of the serpent-like lower bodies of the naga-king Phayanaag (fig.), some semi-human forms of the mythical snake naga (fig.), Naak Galyah (fig.), as well as of the Chinese dragon-deities Nu Wa and Fu Xi (fig.).


  Wat Rong Seua Ten(entrance gate)


  Wat Rong Seua Ten(entrance gate)


The guardians are standing on a lotus base adorned with decorative flame-like ornaments called kranok and the front of the pedestal located on the left side is decorated with the head of a tiger (fig.), which represents magnificence, as well as power and strength, and thus also destruction.


The base on the right has the fierce head of a buck or male goat (fig.) with silver lotuses sprouting from the sides of its open mouth. These animals correspond to the third and the eight (fig.) sign of the Chinese zodiac respectively.


  Wat Rong Seua Ten(entrance gate)


  Wat Rong Seua Ten


Both sentinels are holding some lotus flowers, and while the greenish-blue giant standing on the left side is holding a blue ball, the bluish grey creature on the right side clutches a white conch (fig.).

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