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Khajon Jaratwong (ขจรจรัสวงษ์)

Thai. Name of a Siamese prince of the Rattanakosin Period, with the title of momchao, who was born on 3 September 1843 as a grandson of King Phra Phutta Leut La, and initially named Khajon Malakun (ขจร มาลากุล), the son of Prince Maha Mala (มหามาลา) Krom Phraya Bam Prabparapak (บำราบปรปักษ์), a brother of Rama II. Later in life, he became Krom Meuan Prabparapak (ปราบปรปักษ์) and Navy Vice-Admiral, serving as Commander of the Royal Thai Navy from 8 April 1887 until his death on 25 March 1898, and was the naval commander during the Franco-Siamese War of 1893. The fast attack boat HTMS Prabparapak (fig.), part of the current float of the Royal Thai Navy, is named after him. See also THAI NAVY RANKS.