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Paphiopedilum sukhakulii

Latin-botanical name for a species of terrestrial orchid of the genus Paphiopedilum, endemic to Isaan, especially in found in Loei Province. Being terrestrial, it thrives on shaded and moist upper riverine slopes in tropical hilly country, growing in pockets of sandy, humus-rich loam. It has bright greyish-green leaves mottled with dark green and bears a single flower on a tall stem. The showy flower displays wide, flat petals held horizontally, that are heavily speckled purplish-brown. The upright dorsal sepal has a creamy white background with green stripes, whilst the somewhat pointed pouch is reddish-brown above, fading to light green below. In Thailand, this species of orchid is known as rong thao narih pihk malaeng po (รองเท้านารีปีกแมลงปอ), i.e. ‘dragonfly-wings lady slippers orchid’. See also POSTAGE STAMPS.