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Krasuang Phanit (กระทรวงพาณิชย์)

Thai. ‘Ministry of Commerce’. Government department responsible for trade and entrepreneurship, and the support and promotion thereof, representing Thailand at the World Trade Organization, including trade negotiations, business development, domestic and foreign trade, exports, as well as insurance, consumer and intellectual property protection, etc. The ministry was founded in 1920 in the reign of King Rama VI and was formerly housed in a renaissance building (fig.) in Rattanakosin, south of the Grand Palace (fig.) and Wat Poh (fig.), but in 1989 was moved to Nonthaburi, while the former Italian style accommodation was renovated to house the Discovery Museum (map - fig.). The seal of the ministry was designed by Prince Narisara Nuwattiwong (fig.) and has the depiction of a dancing Phra Witsanukam, the divine architect of Universe and the presiding Hindu deity of all craftsmen and architects (fig.), on top of a kranok-style pedestal and surrounded by kranok motifs. Also transliterated Krasuang Phanich. See also POSTAGE STAMP.