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Wayabud (ไวยบุตร)

Thai-Sanskrit. Name of a monkey-warrior character in the epos Ramakien. He is an ally of Phra Ram (fig.) and belongs to the camp of Meuang Khiet Kheun (เมืองขีดขิน), which is ruled by Phali (fig.). He is described as having a dusky blue or indigo fur, wearing a golden taab, that is a decorative and protective neckpiece, as well as a golden kabang-style crown. He is usually depicted with his mouth open. He is one of the eighteen Wahnon Sip-paet Mongkut, who in his previous chaht or incarnation, was the deity Phra Phirun, i.e. the Thai god of rain (fig.). Also transliterated Waiyabut. See also LIST OF RAMAKIEN CHARACTERS.