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Phuttathaat (พุทธทาส)

Thai. ‘Buddha's slave’ Name for a Buddhist monk or bhikku, who was born as Ngeuam Pahnit (เงื่อม พานิช) on 27 May 1906, in Chaiya district of Surat Thani province, where he in 1932 established Suan Mokkha Phalarahm, i.e. a meditation centre in the forest, with its main shrine at the top of Suan Rukkhachaht Khao Phutthong. He was a great philosopher in Buddhism and devoted almost all his life to teaching and preaching the dhamma to mankind, so that they might live together in peace and harmony. He died on 25 May 1993, just two days short of his 87th birthday. In recognition of his great contributions to Buddhism, UNESCO honoured him as a World Important Person on 20 October 2005, for his promotion of peace. In Pali, his name is Buddhadasa, and he is usually referred to as Buddhadasa Bhikku or Buddhadasaphikku (พุทธทาสภิกขุ - fig.). See also POSTAGE STAMPS (1) and (2).