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Murayama Jewel Beetle

A species of metallic wood-borer beetle in the family Buprestidae and with the scientific name Chrysochroa maruyamai. It has six blackish legs with tiny hooks, a blackish abdomen, and transparent wings. The elytra are uniformly golden green, apart from a broad, black edged, yellowish to ivory band, which is somewhat rounded. Its head is green with two short antennae, that are located at the front of the head, and rather large, blackish, compound eyes. The thorax is metallic green with a coppery-gold, i.e. an amethyst to purplish shine. It is very similar in appearance to Chrysochroa saundersi, which was formerly known as Chrysochroa tonkinensis, as well as to Chrysochroa edwardsi and Strigoptera bimaculata (fig.). In Thai, the Murayama Jewel Beetle is called malaeng thab nang phaya hua morakot (แมลงทับนางพญาหัวมรกต), literally ‘emerald-headed queen metallic wood-boring beetle’. See also POSTAGE STAMPS.