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Intermediate Egret

Name of a medium-sized heron, with the scientific names Mesophoyx intermedia and Ardea intermedia. It is widely distributed, from tropical East Africa across South and Southeast Asia, to Australia. It is 65 to 72 centimeters tall, a size between that of the Little Egret (fig.) and the Great Egret (fig.). It is overall white, with a yellowish, somewhat blunt bill, often with a dark tip, and black legs (fig.). In the breeding season, the bill often shows dark on the ridge of the upper mandible, and the bird will grow long breast- and back-plumes. It is sometimes referred to as Median Egret or Yellow-billed Egret. In Thai, it is called nok yahng thohn noi (นกยางโทนน้อย) or nok krayahng thohn noi (นกกระยางโทนน้อย). See also WILDLIFE PICTURES.