Homosexuality is legal in The Philippines and there seems to be a certain tolerance towards same sex relationships. This tolerance however is somewhat tempered by the strong influence of the Catholic Church, the keeper of the main religion in this archipelago of over 81 million inhabitants. Although  the Anti-Discrimination Bill criminalizes discriminatory practices against homosexuals, Filipino gays are sometimes maltreated and are still banned from the military. Whereas larger cities usually have a vibrant gay scene with bars, discos and saunas, up-country gay life seems to rather assimilate with straight life and entertainment venues often consist of a mixed crowd. Many Filipinos also engage in bisexual relationships and a lot of gay men can be found cruising on beaches, in shopping malls and public parks. The legal age of consent in the Philippines is twelve, but sexual conduct with minors under the age of eighteen is a misdemeanour.



Beachcombing on Boracay island.

  A boy on Boracay beach, The Philippines




This city with over 10 million inhabitants is the capital of the Philippines and is located on the eastern shore of Manila Bay on Luzon, the archipelago's largest island.  Manila has several gay bars and discos and its gay scene is very warm and friendly. The center of gay Manila is in Malate district, at the intersection of Maria Orosa Street and Julio Nakpil Street. Both streets are lined with various gay and mixed establishments.



  Gay boys out in Malate district, Manila, The Philippines

Out in Malate district, Manila.




The Rainbow Project
Oroso Courtyard, next to Bed disco, Malate.

A fascinating gay pub in the Malate district. It has interesting sights as it is located next to the entrance of Bed, the gay disco. Most customers sit outside on the courtyard for a panoramic view of the neighbourhood. The staff is friendly, cute and very attentive.


The Rainbow Project, a great gay pub with tables out on the courtyard.


  The Rainbow Project, Malate, Manila, The Philippines


Oroso Courtyard, next to the Rainbow Project, Malate.

Popular gay disco with trendy house music and a stylish interior. Drinks are moderately priced and entry includes a free Bacardi Coke. Staff is friendly and attentive, and the crowd is a mix of hip Filipinos, some expats and a few tourists. Bed is open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 10 PM until early morning.



  Bed disco, Malate, Manila, The Philippines


Bed, a popular gay disco in Manila with progressive house music.


The Library
Remedios Circle, Adriatico Street, Malate.

An upscale karaoke bar and restaurant which once in a while also offers stand-up comedy, as well as live music and sing-alongs. The place is jam-packed with a trendy, mixed crowd of young Filipinos.


Club Government
7840 Makati Avenue, Makati.

Large, hip, gay dance club with trendy music, going from house to disco and acid jazz. The club has a stylish industrial interior with a dance floor complete with laser effects, and a lounge to relax.



Boracay is a tropical island located just about 315 km South of the capital Manila in the Western Visayas region of The Philippines. It is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. Boracay does not have any gay-specific locations but many of the nightlife venues will have a mixed crowd and some of the workers on the island are either gay or engage in bisexual relationships.


Club Paraw
North End of White Beach, Boracay.

Mixed local style dance club with a DJ and elevated dance floor. The place is built from bamboo and wood on the North end beachfront of the island. We have been reported though that the place has lately gone downhill somewhat.


The dance floor of Club Paraw on Boracay island.


  Club Paraw, Boracay, Visaya, The Philippines


Wave Disco Bar
Regency Beach Resort, Central White Beach, Boracay.

Underground disco and the only air-conditioned party place on Boracay island. It has both live music and a trendy disc jockey with a state of the art sound system. Crowd is a mix with some gay and even a few lady-boys.


White Beach, near Boat Station 1, Boracay.

A hotel beach resort which is best known for its bar, the Moondog's Shooter Bar. It claims to be internationally famed as Boracay's hottest nightspot and we have been reported that the place is discreet and attracts some of the gay staff from surrounding bars that go there at the end of their shift.