Section 377 of the Singapore Penal Code criminalizes homosexual acts. However, a response of minister Lee Kuan Yew, the acclaimed founding father of this small independant island nation, to a question about the place of homosexuals in Singapore, helped set the tone for the official policy on homosexuality: in 1998, live on CNN, he said that what the government was doing was to leave people to live their own lives, as long as they didn't impose on others. Although homosexual activities remain illegal in Singapore his remarks are seen as a very significant event with regards to gay rights. Ever since there has been a growing tolerance of gays. Police harassment has all but vanished and many gay businesses across the island are now hoisting the rainbow flag.



  Cute boys on the MRT, Singapore

Hip Singaporean youths on the MRT.





Singapore has a population of over 4.5 million people. This independent city state is clean, multi-ethnic and full of diversity, offering some of Southeast Asia's hottest gay scene. All of this in combination with great cuisine and fantastic nightlife are just some of its attractions. A lot of gay activity is happening around the Chinatown neighbourhood.


78 Neil Road

Gay-owned bar located in a beautiful traditional building with an open-air garden courtyard with its own bar in front and a trendy bar and DJ inside. The music is groovy and the staff are both cute and friendly.



Tantric, a great gay bar with an open-air garden courtyard attracts a gay crowd as well as some straights.



  The courtyard bar of Tantric, Singapore


65/67 Neil Road

Trendy and very popular disco with a dancefloor. Very crowded during the weekends.



  Out on Neil Road, Singapore



Out in Singapore's Chinatown area.



Grey Zone Bar
44A Tras Street

Friendly and nice place with good music and a pool table. Comfortable seats and a friendly environment.


Happy Club & Bar
#01-02/0421 Tanjong Pagar Road

Mixed disco bar with groovy music and a dance area. There are several corners where one can relax with a bit more privacy. Very popular during the later hours of the weekends.