Due to the politics of its military regime Burma's 42 and a half million people live without basic human rights and homosexuality is in principle illegal. Consequently there is no visible gay scene. However, Burmese society is rather tolerant of homosexuality and there is little social prejudice. Gay people are in general accepted without comment. As in many other Southeast Asian countries, affectionate behavior in public between people of the same sex is very common, although that doesn't mean one is therefore gay. Considering all of these aspects one could say that contrary to gay love affairs gay behavior is usually fairly open. The gay scene throughout the country is relatively low-key.



  Burmese schoolboys in uniform (Tachileik)

Schoolboys in Myanmar wearing a longy, the typical Burmese long sarong.





Yangon, also known by its former English name Rangoon, is an exotic city with over 5 million people. It is situated at the convergence of the Yangon and Bago Rivers a short distance away from the Gulf of Martaban. Very different from many other Southeast Asian cities this bustling place offers a remarkable mixture of new and old, blending both Burmese and colonial influences from its past. In several areas of the city there are obviously gay boys cruising the streets.


Silver Oak
83/91 Bo Aung Kyaw Street, Central Yangon.

Gay cafe with a hair salon in front and a club behind. It has live music on most nights.


Ko Ko's
9 Sayar San Road, Bahan.

Gay-owned cafe and bar owned by a famous hair-stylist with several hair salons around Yangon.


Lion World
Corner of Anawyatar Street & Shwedagon Pagoda Road.

A mixed bar with gays hanging around at the bar and on the pedestrian overpass outside. It also has an upstairs balcony overlooking the street.