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Mahazedi (မဟာစေတီ)

Burmese. ‘Great Zedi’ or ‘Great Stupa’. Name of a 13th century Buddhist pagoda in Bagan, located inside the city walls of old Bagan, just north of the Hindu temple Nathlaung Kyaung (fig.). It has a series of receding terraces, surmounted by a cylindrical or bell-shaped dome which continues into a finial of concentric rings. The base of the temple is square and each side has a staircase with steep steps leading to the terraces. At its southwestern corner stands the 10th Century Ngakywenadaung Pagoda (fig.) which was built by King Nyaung-u Sawrahan, who is also known as the so-called Cucumber King’ or Farmer King Taungthugyi Min, and of which the shape is similar to the Gourd Pagoda Buphaya (fig.). There is also a stupa named Mahazedi in Bago (fig.). See MAP.