The King's 60th Birthday Anniversary (2nd Series) - Royal Life & Duties (1987)







 Issue Name:

The King's 60th Birthday Anniversary (2nd Series)

 Thai Issue Name:

มหามงคลเฉลิมพระชนมพรรษา 5 รอบ (ชุด2)

 Issue Date:



To commemorate the fifth birthday cycle, i.e. the 60th Birthday, of King Bhumipon Adunyadet

 Catalogue Number:



2 Baht per design

 Unused Value:

15 Baht per design

 Complete Set: 

120 Baht (unused), 48 Baht (used)

 Thailex Collection:

Unused set


27 x 48 mm

 Quantity of Stamps:

5,000,000 pieces per design


The Government Printing Bureau, Ministry of Finance, Japan


Circles with portraits of King Bhumipon Adunyadet in different aspects of his personal life, as well as while performing his royal duties. On the left is his Royal Cypher in gold, on each stamp against a different background colour: 1. in childhood; 2. his wedding with Queen Sirikit Kitthiyagon; 3. his accession to the Throne; 4. on an unscheduled alms round during his monkhood; 5. being greeted by a hundred-year old woman during a visit to Isaan; 6. instructing hill tribe people on how to correctly use medicine; 7. visiting wounded servicemen, together with the Queen; 8. examining a farming project under royal patronage. On the bottom half of the circular picture frame is the text H.M. the King's 60th Birthday Anniversary, and on the top half the Thai text Maha Mongkhon Chaleum Phra Chanom Phansa Ha Rob (มหามงคลเฉลิมพระชนมพรรษา 5 รอบ), i.e. the Auspicious Occassion of the Fifth Birthday Cycle Celebrations.

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