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Tailed Judy

Common designation for a butterfly in the family Riodinidae. It has the scientific name Abisara neophron and is widespread throughout the Orient. Its upperside is a variable brown, with a broad slanting white band on the forewings, which narrows posteriorly, as well as an unclear, narrower, shadowy pale brownish-white line, that runs on the outer side of the broad white band, with which it forms a V-shape. Above, the hindwings have dull whitish lines on the fringes, two large jet-black spots reminiscent of eyespots, and a white-tipped tail. Sexes are similar though the brown of the wings' upper sides is generally paler in the female than in the male. In Thai, this species is known as phi seua pihk keung hoob hahng yahw (ผีเสื้อปีกกึ่งหุบหางยาว).