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Ubon Ratchathani (อุบลราชธานี)

Thai. ‘Royal city of lotuses’. Name of a province (map) and its capital city in Northeast Thailand, 629 kms from Bangkok and located on the banks of the Moon River (map - fig.), the second largest river, after the Mae Khong, and with a population of around 90,000. Known for its annual candle festival. The province has twenty amphur and five king amphur. Popular name Ubon and sometimes transcribed Ubol. Some of its places of interest are the Moon River, Chong Mek Thai-Lao border pass (map - fig.), Kaeng Tana National Park, and Pha Taem National Park (map - fig.), which includes Hin Taek, Sao Chaliang and Nahm Tok Long Roo (map - fig.). See also Ubon Ratchathani data file.