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Pink Skunk Clownfish

Common name for a species of anemone fish, with the scientific designation Amphiprion perideraion. This slightly humped fish is overall yellowish-orange to gold, with a rather pinkish vent and tail tip, and has a thin white stripe that runs over its back, from above the eyes, pass the bottom of the dorsal fin, from where it spreads onto the base of the tail. It also has a white eye-ring and a thin vertical white stripe, that runs behind the eyes, from the top of its head towards the area in front of the pectoral fins, more or less alongside the gills. This species of anemone fish (fig.) is found only in the Gulf of Thailand, and is depicted on the third of four Thai postage stamps issued in 2006 to publicize the anemone fish of Thailand (fig.). Also spelled Pink Skunk Clown Fish, and alternatively known as the Pink Anemone Fish, Pink Skunk Anemone Fish or False Skunk-striped Anemone Fish, which may also be spelled Pink Anemonefish, Pink Skunk Anemonefish and False Skunk-striped Anemonefish. In Latin, it is also called Amphiprion amamiensis and Amphiprion rosenbergi, whilst in Thai it is referred to as pla cartoon indian daeng champhoo (ปลาการ์ตูนอินเดียนแดงชมพู), i.e. ‘Indian red-pink cartoon fish’, or pla cartoon champhoo (ปลาการ์ตูนชมพู), i.e. ‘pink cartoon fish’. This fish is somewhat similar to the Orange Skunk Clownfish, i.e. the Skunk-striped Anemonefish (Amphiprion sandaracinos), but the latter lacks the vertical white stripe behind the eyes.