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Khlong Jik (คลองจิก)

Thai. ‘Pinch Canal’. Name of a canal in northeastern Bangkok, which at its southern end connects to Khlong Kacha, whereas to its north it connects with Khlong Saen Saeb (fig.). In runs along a north-south-southeast axis and somewhere halfway on the canal, in between the twin Khlong Jik Bridges (map - fig.), an additional canal, perpendicular to the main canal, was dug. This western section extends sideways from the main canal, along an east-west axis, yet eventually bends to a south-north direction to eventually also connect to Khlong Saen Saeb to its north. Since the latter section has no distinct name of its own, the split-intersection could make Khlong Jik in effect a three-way canal. However, the split off western section, which is partly wider and in some parts covered by road (map - fig.), might have been dug as a canal-like reservoir, known in Thai as khlong lon, to serve as an overflow canal in order to slow the rise of the main canal's water level and to prevent it from spilling over during heavy rainfall. Also transliterated Khlong Chik. See MAP.