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Green Magpie

Common name for a 37 to 40.5 centimeters tall bird in the crow family, with the scientific designation Cissa chinensis. It has a vivid green plumage (fig.), with slightly lighter underparts, maroon-chestnut wings with six whitish spots, bordered above with some black, and a long white-tipped tail. In addition, it has a black mask, that runs from the bill to the nape, through the eyes, which have a reddish-orange eyering. The bill, legs and feet are also reddish-orange. When worn, adults may have a strongly bluish plumage and browner wings. There are also some subspecies, including Cissa chinensis margarilae, which has a bright golden-yellow crown, and Cissa chinensis klossi, which has a yellow forehead and yellowish-green crown. This bird is found in parts of South and Southeast Asia, from the lower Himalayas in northeastern India to central China, Sumatra and northwestern Borneo. Its habitat consists of evergreen forest, bamboo forest, clearings and scrub. It feeds both on the ground and in trees, preying on invertebrates, small reptiles and mammals, eggs, and young birds. It will also scavenge on carrion, taking flesh from a recently killed carcass. The Green Magpie is also known as Common Green Magpie, and in Thai it is called nok sahlikah khiao. See also POSTAGE STAMP.