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Egg-in-a-nest Orchid

Common name for a species of terrestrial Venus Slipper orchid of the genus Paphiopedilum, with the Latin-botanical designation Paphiopedilum bellatulum. It is endemic to southern China, as well as parts of central China, northeastern India, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indochina. It thrives in shady spots, in limestone crevices at altitudes between 300 and 1600 meters, or on moist, mossy covered limestone rocks. It has bright greyish-green leaves mottled with dark green above and purple spotted below. The flowers are white spotted with dark purple dots. The lip of the flower is modified into a slipper-like, egg-shaped pouch, also covered in purple spots, yet much smaller in size than those on the petals, and resembling a spotted bird's egg. In Thailand, this species of orchid is known as rong thao narih fah hoi (รองเท้านารีฝาหอย), i.e. Clam Valve Lady’s Slipper. See also POSTAGE STAMPS.