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Dark-brand Bushbrown

Common name for a species of butterfly in the subfamily Satyrinae, i.e. the browns, and found in parts of Asia, including in Thailand, where it is referred to as phi seua taan phum sih jud riang (ผีเสื้อตาลพุ่มสี่จุดเรียง). Commonly, it is also spelled Dark Brand Bush Brown and alternatively it is known as Dark-branded Bushbrown, while its scientific designation is Mycalesis mineus. It has a wingspan of around 3.5 to 4.5 centimeters and is overall dark brown. In the wet season, it has a number of orange-black eyespots, called ocelli, near the multiple-fringed wing-edges, each with a central white spot, and separated from the rest of the otherwise plane brown wing, by a white vertical stripe. There are 2 spots on the forewings and 7 spots on the hindwings. In the dry season, the upperside is similar to that in the wet-season form, yet paler, while the underside varies from ochraceous-brown to dark dusky brown. The tips of its antennae are orange. See also WILDLIFE PICTURES and TRAVEL PICTURE.