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Chainat (ชัยนาท)

Thai. ‘Echo of victory’ or ‘celebrated victory’. Province and provincial capital in Central Thailand (map), 194 kms to the North of Bangkok with a population of approximately 30,000 in the city and 359,830 inhabitants in the province. It borders the provinces of Uthai Thani, Nakhon Sawan, Singburi and Suphanburi. Historically Chainat is known for its important position as an military base during the age-long wars with Burma and where in 1776 King Taksin defeated the last Burmese troops, leading to the total liberation of Siam, hence its designation. Originally the city was located at the present-day amphur of Sankhaburi but was moved to its present location in the reign of king Mongkut (Rama IV). The region is also known for the Chao Phraya dam, Thailand's first large water dam which was completed in 1957 (fig.) and was built as part of the the Greater Chao Phraya Project. The province is home to presumably the largest bird sanctuary (map - fig.) in Southeast Asia and has six amphur, two king amphur, 53 tambon and 474 mu ban. See also Chainat data file.