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Atsadang Dechawut (อัษฎางค์เดชาวุธ)

Thai. Name of a son of King Chulalongkorn and Queen Saowapha, with the title Prince of Nakhon Ratchasima. He was born in Bangkok on 12 May 1889, as the 72th child of King Rama V and as his 12th child with Queen Saowapha (a number of miscarriages included). In 1905, the Prince was sent to study in England, together with his brother Prince Chuthathut Tharadilok (fig.) and his half-brother Prince Mahidon Adunyadet (fig.). Whereas Prince Mahidon went to study at Harrow School for a year and a half, and Prince Chuthathut attended Magdelen College of Cambridge University, Prince Atsadang studied at a Military Academy for a short period. He was one of the most senior Thai princes during the rule of his full brother, King Wachirawut (fig.), during whose reign he was Director-General of the Royal Siamese Navy. Sapaan Atsadang (fig.), a long jetty located at the former Phra Chutathutrachatahn (fig.) Summer Palace on Koh Si Chang (fig.) in Chonburi, was commissioned by King Chulalongkorn as an act of merit-making, in order to celebrate the fact that his son Prince Atsadang recovered from sickness after having stayed on the island. Prince Atsadang died on 9 February 1924 in Bangkok, aged 34. His name is also transcribed Atsadaang or Asdang Dejavudh.