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Anuman Ratchathon (อนุมานราชธน)

Thai. Court name of Yong Sathiankoset (ยง เสฐียรโกเศศ), an autodidactic scholar, who was bestowed with the title of Phya (Phraya). He was a self-trained linguist, anthropologist and ethnographer, who became an authority on the culture of Thailand and made it to President of the Siam Society. He had an intrinsic curiosity and eye for detail, as well as an interest in a multitude of culture-related fields, from folklore to sociology. Early in his life, he worked in different positions and locations, including as a clerk at the Thai Customs Department and at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, where he was able to rehearse his English. Though he has no academic titles, he is often referred to as professor. Anuman was born on 14 December 1888 and passed away on 12 July 1969. He is admired for his numerous novels on important Thai cultural figures, and for his contributions in bringing about national cultural awareness. His name may also be transliterated Anuman Rajadhon. See also POSTAGE STAMP.