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Orange Lacewing

Name of a species of butterfly in the tribe Heliconiini and with the scientific designation Cethosia penthesilea. It is found in many parts of Southeast Asia, as well as in Australia's Northern Territory. It is overall orange with black wingtips and margins, and white submarginal bands on the forewings. In Thai it is called phi seua katokrok som (ผีเสื้อกะทกรกส้ม). There are several subspecies, including Cethosia penthesilea methypsia, which is commonly known as the Plain Lacewing and in Thai as phi seua katokrok sih khlam (ผีเสื้อกะทกรกสีคล้ำ), and the Leopard Lacewing (fig.), which has the scientific name Cethosia cyane euanthes and is known in Thai as phi seua kathakrok thammada (ผีเสื้อกะทกรกธรรมดา). See also POSTAGE STAMP.