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Phra Ruang Lang Peun (พระร่วงหลังรางปืน)

Thai. Blessing with a gun-grooved back. A popular Buddhist amulet that is part of the five Phra Yod Khunphon. It originates from Wat Phra Sri Rattanamahathat in Sri Satchanalai, in Sukhothai Province, and dates back to the Lopburi Period, when it was first cast. It is about 8 centimeters tall, made from steel, and depicts a standing Buddha image in the pahng hahm yaht pose, i.e. with an abhaya mudra with the right hand raised (fig.), and wearing a crown in the Lopburi style. The back of the amulet has a cylindrical groove, which resembles the barrel of a gun, hence the name. See also POSTAGE STAMPS.