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Ebisu (恵比須, 恵比寿)

Japanese. The Japanese god of fishermen and one of the Seven Gods of Fortune (fig.), and the only one of the group to have originated in Japan, while the other six were imported from China. According to legend, Ebisu was born deaf and without bones or legs, due to a  transgression of his mother during the marriage ritual. Hence, he struggled to survive and since he could not stand, he was as child cast to the sea, but eventually washed ashore. He then grew legs and a supporting skeleton, and though he remained slightly crippled and deaf, he became the god of fishermen. During the month without gods, known in Japanese as Kannazuki, all the gods of the Japanese pantheon are summoned to gather at a shrine and hence are not available for worship, but since Ebisu is deaf and doesn't hear the summons, he thus remains behind as the only god and is celebrated in a festival held in this month. In iconography, Ebisu is often depicted carrying a red Sea Bream or Sea Bass. He is also known by the name Hiruko.