19th International Council of Women Triennial (1970) ●



 Issue Name:

19th Triennial Council Conference of the International Council of Women

 Thai Issue Name:

แสตมป์การประชุมสภาสตรี ระหว่างประเทศ ครั้งที่ 19

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To commemorate the 19th Triennial Council Conference of the International Council of Women, held in Bangkok from 31 to 12 February 1970.

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0.5 Baht

 Unused Value:

35 Baht

 Used Value: 

7 Baht

 Thailex Collection:



27 x 45 mm

 Quantity of Stamps:

3,000,000 pieces


Government Printing Bureau, Ministry of Finance, Japan


The logo of the International Council of Women, i.e. a oval field with in blue the initials ICW stylized over each other and a map of the world with some banners that bear the Latin text Omnia Quacumque Vultis Ut Faciant Vobis Homines Et Vos Facite Illis, the ICW's slogan meaning ‘In Everything, Whatever You Wish That Men Would Do To You, Do To Her’, i.e. a variant on the Vulgate text of Matthew 7:12. Added in black onto the regular logo are the silhouettes of some Thai-style temples and pagodas, referring to the fact that the 1970 triennial International Council of Women's conference is held in Bangkok. In the top left corner is the logo of the Thai chapter of the Council of Women. i.e. The National Council of Women of Thailand, which is under the royal patronage of Queen Sirikit. Hence the NCWT's circular logo is topped with a royal chadah-style crown and the Queen's royal cypher, i.e. the Thai initials S.K. (ส.ก.), which stand for Sirikit Kitthiyagon. The pale blue colour of the logo refers represent the colour of the Queen's birthday according to the sih prajam wan-system and corresponds to Friday. On the exterior side of circular part of the logo are petals resembling those of a lotus, while in the central part is above the Thai text Saphah Satrih Haeng Chaht (สภาสตรีแห่งชาติ), i.e. ‘National Council of Women’, and below the text Nai Phra Boromma Rachchinoo Patham (ในพระบรมราชินูปถัมภ์), i.e. ‘Under Royal Patronage’.

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