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Heortia vitessoides

Latin. Scientific designation for a moth, which is also known as Tyspana vitessoides, and though sometimes listed in the Pyralidae family, it is also commonly referred to as a Cambrid Snout Moth and as such listed in the snout moth or grass moth family Crambidae. it is in endemic to Southeast Asia and parts of East Asia. It has a wingspan of about 3 centimeters and above its frontwings are pale yellowish to off-white with a pattern of black horizontal bars and spots on about two thirds of the basal part and vertical stripes in a greyish wash on the remaining part towards the apexes. The hindwings are whitish, with a broad black outer border. The larvae of this species are considered a major insect pest of agar-oil yielding trees. The abdomen is overall blackish with some white at the base of the wings.