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Neochera dominia

Latin-scientific binomial name for a species a moth in the family Noctuidae, which is endemic in oriental Asia, from the Indian subcontinent to parts of Oceania, and of which several subspecies exist. In Thailand, the dominant subspecies of this moth is Neochera dominia butleri, which also occurs in parts of China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Sikkim, and in northern Vietnam. The latter has a wingspan of about 6 centimeters and above, its frontwings are white with lines in a greyish wash, while the hindwings are whitish to bluish-grey, with brownish grey-black markings, similar to those on the underside. Below, both sets of wings are whitish to bluish-grey, with a brownish grey-black border on the outer edges, as well as a single elongated marking of the same colour in the middle. The thorax and head are overal orange with some white markings and three tiny black dots on the back of the thorax. The abdomen is overall orange with some white at the base of the wings, and tiny black dots that run along the back of the body. In Thai, this species is known as moth bung dam khao phoht (มอธบุ้งดำข้าวโพด), i.e. ‘black caterpillar corn moth’.