100th Anniversary of the Royal Thai Naval Academy (2006)



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100th Anniversary of the Royal Thai Naval Academy

 Thai Issue Name:

100ปี โรงเรียนนายเรือ

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To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Thai Naval Academy, which was officially established on 20 November 1906 by King Rama V, who presided over the opening ceremony in the uniform of Admiral

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3 Baht

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4 Baht

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2 Baht

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Unused stamp


27 x 45 mm

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1,000,000 pieces


Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand


Portrait of King Rama V as Commander-in-Chief, wearing the uniform of Admiral (fig.), with on the right a Thai text, handwritten over a blurred photo of the riverfront entrance gate (fig.) of the Royal Thai Naval Academy at Phra Rachawang Deum in Thonburi. The text, which was written in the Academy's visitor's book by King Chulalongkorn when he presided over the Academy's opening ceremony, is immortalized in a stone placque, egraved in golden script, and is placed in a niche (fig.), adjascent to the riverfront gate at Thonburi Palace (fig.). It reads: wan thih 20 phreutjikayon ro. so. 125 rao chulalongkorn po. ro. dai ma peut rohngrian nih mih khwaam pleunjai seung dai hen kaan thahaan reua mih raak yang long laew ja pen thih man seub toh pai nai phainah (วันที่ ๒๐ พฤศจิกายน ร.ศ.๑๒๕ เราจุฬาลงกรณ์ ปร. ได้มาเปิดโรงเรียนนี้ มีความปลื้มใจ ซึ่งได้เหนการทหารเรือ มีรากหยั่งลงแล้ว จะเปนที่มั่นสืบต่อไปในภายน่า). Note: ร.ศ. = รัตนโกสินทร์ศก; ปร. = ปิยมหาราช; เหน = เห็น; เปน = เป็น. The text roughly translates as: ‘Date 20 November Rattanakosinsok 125, i.e. Rattanakosin Era or Bangkok Era, hence 1906 AD, We King Chulalongkorn, Piya Maha Raj, i.e. the Beloved Great King, came to open this school and are pleased to have seen that the Navy has already taken root, and will be the stronghold that will carry us forward above the expected’.

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