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Ramphai Phannih Sawatdiwat (รำไพพรรณี สวัสดิวัตน์)

Name of the wife of Prince Prajadhipok (fig.), who in 1925 became Queen Consort of Siam, when her husband ascended the throne as King Rama VII (fig.), after Rama VI (fig.) had died without a male heir. She was born in Bangkok on 20 December 1904 as the daughter of Prince Sawatdi Sophana (สวัสดิโสภณ), a son of King Mongkut (fig.), whose name is sometimes transcribed Svasti Sobhana, with Princess Apha Phannih (อาภาพรรณี), whose name is usually transliterated Abha Barni. As tradition required, she needed to be tutored by one of the King's consorts, hence she went to live in Dusit Palace at the age of two, where she received her education from Queen Saowapha (fig.), her aunt and a wife of King Chulalongkorn. After the death of King Rama V in 1910, princess Ramphai was moved to the Grand Palace, where she continued her studies at Rohng Rian Rahchinih (โรงเรียนราชินี), i.e. the Queen's School, which was set up by Queen Saowapha. During this period, she became very close with her cousin and Queen Saowapha's youngest son Prince Prajadhipok, whom she married in 1917 at Bang Pa-in Palace. The Queen passed away in Bangkok on 22 May 1984, aged 79. In 2004, the centenary of her birth was commemorated with a Thai postage stamp (fig.). Also transliterated Rambhai Barni Svastivatana.