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Dictamnia rugosa

Latin. Scientific name for a species of Long-horned Beetle, found in the Australasian region. Though described as a rather variable species, it generally is dark brownish grey to blackish with a greenish shine and with tiny yellow hairs, that may be more or less pronounced depending on the individual, and long segmented antennae, which are deeply serrated in males and weakly serrated in females. Its eyes are black with a yellowish brown centre. They have an elongated body, that in males grows to around 1.5 centimeters long, making them shorter than females, who can grown up to around 3.7 centimeters. Their long antennae may extend up to or beyond the apices of the elytra. The species is somewhat similar in appearance to a Long-horned Beetle with the binomial designation Opsidota sculpticollis.