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Greater Flamingo

Common name of a species of flamingo, with the scientific designation Phoenicopterus roseus. It is one of at least six species of flamingo that exist worldwide, and the most widespread of them all, as well as the tallest in size, measuring 125 to 145 centimeters on average, with the largest flamingo on record being a 187 centimeters tall male. It is found in parts of southern Europe, Africa, and southern to southeastern Asia, including Cambodia's Tonlé Sap Lake. Adults are mostly pinkish-white, with a very long neck, and long reddish-pink legs and feet, which are webbed. The wing coverts are red and the primaries and secondary flight feathers are black (fig.). It has pale eyes and a pink, downward hooked bill, with a restricted black tip (fig.). Its call is somewhat goose-like. Baby birds and juveniles (fig.) are mostly brownish-grey, with dark streaks on the scapulars and coverts, and lighter underparts. The neck is shorter than that of adults and the bill is pale greyish, also with a restricted blackish tip, while the legs and feet are dark brownish-grey. Their habitat mainly consists of shallow, often brackish, lowland lakes and lagoons, and sometimes mudflats and saltpans.