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Great Green Turban

Common name for a sea snail mollusc in the family Turbinidae, with the scientific names Turbo marmoratus, Turbo cochlus, Turbo olearius, Turbo regenfussi, Turbo undulata, and Turbo Lunatica marmoratus, and also commonly known as Marbled Turban and Green Turban. This marine species gets its name from its distinctive shell, which has a pattern of green, marbled with white and brown, and grows to a length of about 18 centimeters and coiled, turban-like in shape, with 6 to 7 whorls, that above are either flattened or concave. It is inhabited by a copepod with the scientific name Anthessius isamusi, which is nocturnal and feeds on algae. The shell is used as decorative paper weight and as a source for mother-of-pearl. See also POSTAGE STAMPS.