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Great Argus

Common name for a species of a large pheasant, with the binomial name Argusianus argus. Apart from a rufous-red breast, adult males have overall warm brown upperparts with fine, pale speckles, chestnut underparts and reddish-pink legs. They have a naked blue head and neck, with a broad, black crest, that may extend to the nape (fig.), whilst the legs are reddish-pink. They have a very long tail and males may grow up to 203 centimeters in length, making it one of the largest birds among the pheasants. With an average length of about 72-76 centimeters, females are much smaller and have shorter, barred tails. They are also duller, with less distinct markings, and have a more rufous-chestnut collar. In some Asian countries the Great Argus is known as Phoenix, and in Thai it is called nok wah.