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Government Complex

Name of a 929,800 square meter site along Chaeng Wattahana Road in Bangkok's Laksi district, that is home to several huge Thai government buildings and concentrates a number of government agencies and departments. Main buildings at the Government Complex are: 1. Ahkahn Ratchaburidirekrit (อาคารราชบุรีดิเรกฤทธิ์), which is also known as Building A and besides the Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Attorney General, also houses the Constitutional Court, as well as several Courts of Justice and Administrative Courts; 2. Ahkahn Ratthaprasatphakdi (อาคารรัฐประศาสนภักดี), which is also known as Building B, which is home to several ministries, departments of the  Office of the Prime Minister, including the Office of Consumer Protection Commission, that oversees the Consumer Protection Board (fig.), a number of independent agencies, and the main Immigration Bureau for the Bangkok area. Besides several permanent shops, restaurants and banks, the giant hall of Building B is also used to host markets, fairs and special events. Unknown to most visitors, it even has an elevated indoor running track that encircles the entire hall on level 4 (fig.). The two buildings are located adjacent to, as well as in the vicinity of, several other major complexes of important Thai state enterprises, such as the head office of the Thailand Post, the Communications Authority of Thailand (fig.), the Headquarters of the Royal Thai Armed Forces (fig.), the Ministry of Interior, etc. See also PANORAMA PICTURE, TRAVEL PICTURES (1) and (2), and QUADCOPTER PICTURE.