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Dusky Broadbill

Common name for a species of passerine bird in the family Eurylaimidae and with the scientific designation Corydon sumatranus. It is a fairly common resident in Southeast Asia and lives in broadleaved forests to altitudes of up to 1,220 metres. In Thailand, it is found in the southern regions and known as nok phaya pahk kwahng sih dam (นกพญาปากกว้างสีดำ). This plump, overall blackish brown bird has a slightly downward-curved bill which is dull reddish with a greyish tip, a buffy bib, and a white wing patch more or less on the middle of the primaries. Juveniles are browner with a shorter and slightly darker bib, and a pale bill. See also List of Thai Animal Names and Green Broadbill.