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Anusawarih Prahb Kabot (อนุสาวรีย์ปราบกบฏ)

Thai. ‘Monument of the Suppression of the Rebellion’. Name of an obelisk-like memorial located on the Laksi Roundabout in Bang Khen District, Bangkok. It commemorates the 17 police and soldiers, who lost their lives during the suppression of the 1933 Boworadet Rebellion, known in Thai as Kabot Boworadet (กบฏบวรเดช), a failed coup d'état led by royalist Prince Boworadet, which attempted to restore power back to the King as the Head of the Country, following the 1932 revolution that had led to the nation's transition from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. It is also known as the 5th Constitution Monument, and in Thai also referred to as the Monument for the Protection of the Constitution, and popularly also called Laksi Monument and Bang Khen Monument, after its location. See also POSTAGE STAMPS.