New Year 1989 - Flowers (1988)





 Issue Name:

New Year 1989 (1st Series)

 Thai Issue Name:

ปีใหม่ 2532 (ชุ 1)

 Issue Date:



To mark the 1989 New Year and to use on mail, such as Christmas and New Year cards, sent by post, as well as to publicize endemic Thai flowers

 Catalogue Number:



1 Baht, 1 Baht, 1 Baht, 1 Baht

 Unused Value:

8 Baht, 8 Baht, 8 Baht, 8 Baht

 Complete Set: 

32 Baht (unused), 24 Baht (used)

 Thailex Collection:



26 x 21 mm

 Quantity of Stamps:

1 million pieces per design


Cartor S.A., France


1. Crotalaria sessiliflora, a flowering plant that grows up to around 30-50cm high and which is known in Thai as Phuang Khon (พวงขน), literally ‘Hairy Bunch. It grows in sandy loam soil among grasses at altitudes between 1,000-1,300m and flowers during Nov. and Dec.; 2. Uvaria grandiflora, a 20-40m long woody climber, that straggles on trees in the evergreen forests of the southeastern and peninsular regions, and that in Thai is called Yahn Nom Kwai (ย่านนมควาย), which translates as Buffalo Milk Tract’. It flowers between Nov. and Jan.; 3. Reinwardtia trigyna, a 30-45cm high subshrub that grows scattered along hillsides in mixed forest and flowers in Dec.-Jan. In Thai it is called Kham Pa (คำป่า), i.e. ‘Word of the Forest’; 4. Impatiens griffithii, var. sarcantha, known in Thai as Thian Pa (เทียนป่า), i.e. ‘Wild Candle’ or ‘Forest Candle’, and in English only known by its generic common name Impatience or alternatively as Busy Lizzie. It grows in evergreen forests of the peninsular region, scattered along stream and waterfalls, and flowering in Sep.-Oct.

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