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Yellow-banded Trevally

Common name for a species of small inshore fish in the family Carangidae, which includes the jacks, pompanos, jack mackerels, runners, and scads. It has several binomial names, including Selaroides leptolepis and Caranx mertensii, and is also commonly known as Yellowstripe Scad, Yellowstripe Trevally, Smooth-tailed Trevally, Slender Trevally and Slender-scaled Trevally. The Yellow-banded Trevally is a small species, with a length between ca. 15 to max. 22 centimeters, with a compressed, oblong, elongate body shape, with the dorsal and ventral profiles equally curved. It is metallic greyish blue to blue-green colour above, a silvery white below, and a yellow stripe in the middle, that extends from the upper margin of the eye to the caudal peduncle. Behind the eyes is a prominent black opercular spot. It is an important commercial species in fishery. In Thai, this species is known as pla khahng leuang (ปลข้างเหลือง), literally ‘yellow-sided fish’, and pla sihgun khahng leuang (ปลาสีกุนข้างเหลือง), i.e. ‘yellow-sided caranx fish’. See also TRAVEL PICTURES.