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White-shouldered Starling

Common name for a passerine bird in the family Sturnidae, with the scientific designation Sturnia sinensis. This widespread starling is found in Eastern, Southern and Southeastern Asia, including in Thailand, where it is known by the name nok king khrohng klaeb pihk khao (นกกิ้งโครงแกลบปีกขาว). It has a mostly grey plumage, with contrasting black wing feathers, a black tail with a white border, as well as white upperwing-coverts and scapulars, that appear as a white shoulder patch, which is smaller in surface area with females, and absent altogether with juveniles. The rump, vent, belly and uppertail-coverts are whitish. Whereas females and juveniles are overall duller, males have a paler, almost whitish forehead. The bill is mostly bluish-grey and the irises are light-grey.