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Sitagu Sayadaw (သီတဂူဆရာတော်)

Burmese. Name of a Burmese meditation teacher and Theravada Buddhist scholar, who is also known as Ashin Nyanissara, among many other names and honorific titles. This prominent and charismatic monk was born on 23 February 1937 and is renowned for his  practices of socially-engaged Buddhism, missionary and charity works. He founded the Sitagu International Buddhist Missionary Association (SIBMA) and his organization has funded many social projects all over Myanmar, including hospitals, Buddhist meditation centres and Buddhist academies, with an international branch at the foot of Nga-pha, i.e. Frog Hill (fig.), in Sagaing (map - fig.); a branch at the foot of Mandalay Hill (map - fig.) in Mandalay (fig.); and another along Pazundaung Creek in the northeastern suburbs of Yangon, while another is said to be opened in Taunggyi as well.