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Nemiraat Chadok (เนมิราชชาดก)

Pali-Thai. Name of one of the ten jataka, i.e. life stories of the previous incarnations of the Buddha, which are known in Thai as chadok. In this story, the bodhisatta is born as the son of the king of Mithila. He took delight in giving and Indra was impressed with him. Thus, the Hindu god ordered Matulih (fig.) to take Nemiraja in his chariot to view heaven and hell. Afterward, Indra invited Nemiraja to become king of heaven, but he refused and returned to earth where he eventually succeeded his father and became king of Mithila. In his old age, Nemiraja renounced all worldly possessions and entered the monkhood. Compare with Phra Malai (fig.), a Buddhist monk who also visited narok, the Buddhist hell (fig.). See also POSTAGE STAMPS.