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Mahayommayak (มหายมยักษ์)

Thai. Name of a yak, i.e. a demon character, in the Ramakien, who has a red complexion, tah phlohng, i.e. ‘wide open eyes’, and wears a chadah-like, cockerel tail crown adorned with pieces or red mirror-like glass, and that ‒seen from the side‒ is wavy and curves somewhat backward, reminiscent of the crown worn by the guardian deity Thao Thatarattha (fig.). Mahayommayak is the son of Sahomliwan (สหมลิวัน), the first ruler of Meuang Badahn (บาดาล), whose throne he inherited. His wife was Nang Chantrapraphasih (จันทรประภาศรี). He hated Totsakan (fig.) with a vengeance and before he died, he instructed his offspring never to associate with the latter. He was succeeded by his son Maiyarahp (fig.).