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Crested Goshawk

Common name for a bird of prey, with the scientific designation Accipiter trivirgatus. It is found in tropical Asia, from southern Asia, including India and Sri Lanka, to southern China, Indonesia and the Philippines. Adult males have dark brown upperparts, a dark greyish brown crown, grey head sides, and a white throat with a dark mesial streak. Their upper tail is brownish grey with equal-width, buff bands, whilst their underparts are pale and patterned with rufous streaks on the breast, and bars on the belly, as well as on the feathers that cover the upper legs. The lower legs are bare and yellowish, their eyes are yellow and black and their vent is white. Females are larger, have a browner head, as well as browner breast-streaks and bars on the belly. In Thai, this raptor is called yih-ao nok khao ngon.