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Airport Link

Elevated train system, that connects Suwannaphum (fig.), i.e. Bangkok's International Airport, with Bangkok's city center. The link has 8 stations along its track with a large terminal in Makkasan, where it connects onto Bangkok's underground train system, commonly known as the MRT or Bangkok Metro, and it has its end terminus in Phaya Thai, where it connects onto the city's elevated train system, commonly known as the Bangkok Mass Transit System. There is an Express Line, with a blue stripe on the front of the train, and a City Line, which has a red stripe on the front of the train. The Express Line runs between the terminus and the airport without stops, while the City Line stops at all stations, and connects with both the MRT or Bangkok Metro and the Skytrain  or BTS, i.e. the Bangkok Mass Transit System. Since January 2011, direct luggage check in has  been made possible for both domestic and international flights at the Makkasan terminal. The Airport Link is operated by the State Railway of Thailand and started service in mid-2010, after many years of delay. Security is provided by both security guards and railway police. Works are in progress to extend the Airport Link to Don Meuang Airport (fig.). Also known as Airport Rail Link or ARL. See MAP.